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Re: CPM3 Disk Image - quick start and Images posted

Hi Dave,
I have just checked both your CP/M3 images for the propeller console and neither of them get to a command prompt, CPMLDR banner comes up followed by the BIOS3 and BDOS3 headings and 38K TPA then nothing, would suggest a recheck of CPM3.SYS file
When you do your documentation on the builds is there any chance you could highlight the code you have changed in bold or italics, might help speed up the learning process on how you configured the second CF drive to drive B.
hoping to have my documentation completed in the next couple of days.
David Fry
On Sunday, June 22, 2014 8:42:01 PM UTC+1, yoda wrote:
I have uploaded the basic images and a short document on how to put these on a CF card with all the necessary tools included.  The link is http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=CPM3-Disk-Images

I have also included modified cpmtools that understand the disk format so you can manipulate the images before writing them to a CF card.   I would like to use this thread for questions and suggestions for the documentation.  I have not verified the prop images as I did not have any 74LS374's on hand so I could not finish bringing up my prop console board - should be able to do that by the coming weekend.  I assume a lot of you can verify whether they work or not.  I believe they should.  I have verified the serial ones do work.

I am opening another thread for suggestions for going forward.  I want to cover how to build and customize the actual cpmldr and cpm3.sys files.  I will leverage a lot of what John has done and David Fry will contribute his work on the LBA addressing changes that made this all work.

Let me know how it goes.