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MSX2 Utility Board V1 Build info

Status of my MSX2 Utility Board build.

  I've made enough progress on the board be able to run a simple monitor out of the on-board EPROM. I've had to make 2 changes to the board for this. These changes are documented in the file area under "Builders Journals\Neil B"

  Based on my work I believe the following are working (based on the fact that my monitor is running out of the utility board EPROM/RAM using the UART to communicate).
    * 8255 PPI
    * 16550 UART
    * 32K EPROM at $0000-$7FFF
    * 32K RAM at $8000-$FFFF

  Still waiting to be tested:
    * Printer Interface
    * RTC
    * Slot Selection Logic
    * Remaining 32K RAM (mapped in the slots)