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Re: 2 different "Z80 CPU BOARD VERSION 02" pcbs out there

Hi all,
I just finished my V2 board ( the so-called V2a version, with JP10) and thought I should share some info the jumper layout and settings as numbering is sometimes not consistent across the board :
- all jumpers are numbered with 1 at bottom, number incrementing when moving towards the top of board
- for jumpers that include several "columns", details are below (I used the numbers mentioned in the schematic) :
 8 7 (A7)
 6 5 (A6)
 4 3 (A5) the one to be used for ports at D2/D3
 2 1 (A4)

 8 7 (A15)
 6 5 (A14)
 4 3 (A13)
 2 1 (A12)

 2 4
 1 3

 1 1 1 (A15)
 2 2 2 (A14)
 3 3 3 (A13)
 4 4 4 (A12)

 6 5
 4 3 (the one to use for M1 mem cycles)
 2 1 

 2 4 
 1 3 (1-2 to be jumpered for partial latch)

 1 2
 3 4
 5 6
 7 8 (the one to use for controlling with port D3)

To simplify the 28C64 programming, I appended the two 4K versions of the MONITOR.COM files (low and high page) in one single 8K page (you can use Free Hex Editor Neo to cut/paste data). Everything looks fine, CPM loads from my IDE board as before, DIR works,  I can load some .COM and run them (PIP, ED, MYSIO, FORTH) but strangely several COMs freeze the system when loading (MYIDE, MBASIC, TURBO) that were OK before... Strangely, Turbo Pascal hangs but not the COM I compiled with it before.... May be I screwed up  when creating my 8K image? Or there is an issue when accessing the IDE board ? I still use the same non-banked image of CPM3, that should still work even my CPU board now has the capability to remove the onboard ROM ? Interesting...