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S-100 FPMini Front Panel Board Update

Thanks to all who have shown interest in the FPMini front panel board.
Looks like we'll be ordering about sixty boards. That should leave ten or
so available for late request.

Switch set interest has been high as well. Looking at 35 sets for a total of 735 switches.

Now for the bad news. During last minute review of the PCB files I noticed
that the switch footprints were upside down. This had to be corrected but forced
me to reroute the board. The board is auto routing now and I expect it
to be completed in a week or so. I expect to place the PCB order the week of
Aug 18th. Just thankful I caught this now and didn't end up with a pile of boards
only appreciated by our dyslectic friends.

Request for switch sets has settled down. Since the order is going to take 10-12 weeks to fill we should get this order in. Manufacturer requires me to pay in advance for the switch order. The total order is coming in just under $3,000 (less tax and shipping ) so I'm going to have to ask for most folks to pay in advance. I'm not sure how best to handle this. Thinking I should give folks a couple weeks to get payment to me then I'll place the order. I'm hoping to stay under PayPal's radar and avoid them taking a cut. Mailing a check or money
order could work as well.

Looking for feedback from group on best way to handle this. I remember this as a topic in the past. I had planed on funding the project but it's much bigger than I had expected. My wife may not
understand why she has to wait until November for her patio furniture. :^)

I put together a short survey page to solicit answers. Folks may feel more
comfortable answering off list.


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all.

Don Caprio