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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6471] Re: New S-100 system is running

Yeah, this one is amber too, but the keyboard is going bad.  I have to stand on some of the keys to make them work.  Perhaps since you used them before, you know of a way to clean them?  Or maybe there's a source for a replacement keyboard?  Otherwise, it's in near mint condition and works great.  I just put  back on the shelf, as I got Hyperterminal setup and working on a PC with the new S-100 machine.  Now it all takes less space and I have room for other things on the bench as I need them.

I also have a Heathkit H-19A terminal.  I got it a few years back for $20.  The guy said it didn't work.  The only thing I found wrong with it was the two bottom plastic bosses that mount the CRT to the front had broken and the tube was swinging from the top two bosses with a 1/2" gap between the bottom of the tube and the front.  I repaired that by drilling through the bosses and the front and then used machine screws to put it back together.  Now I have two screw heads looking at me on the front, but that's no bother.  The terminal works perfect, and I have the manual too in case it needs repair in the future..


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Bob -

I had an HP 700/92 (amber) terminal for HP9000 system admin 20+ years ago.
Really liked that HP terminal, and should have grabbed one of them when they were upgrading 15 years ago.


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