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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5807] Re: NKK Switches for Mini FP

Wow, an Imsai-style acrylic front panel would certainly be a wonderful thing.
I would be good for two of those. Would a company such as Front Panel Express
be a possibility for productiion of such a thing? I think they work with most media.
Thanks for your hard work with the switch/parts project, Don.

Leonard Young

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Hi Don (& All)
   I too would be interested in a permanent mounting solution for the switches.  I do like Matt Turner's idea of using silk-screened PCB material for the front panel drilled for the LEDs & switch mounting.  
Holes in the corners could then me used to attach the PCB front panel to brackets for stability.  This would still leave a option on putting a IMSAI style mask behind acrylic if you wanted to go that route or you could leave it "as-is" for a more bare bones appearance. Do you think this is viable?

On 12/9/2014 5:14 PM, Matthew Turner wrote:
> If we go to a pcb house, it seems to me that including the LED's in 
> the design would make sense. Maybe different coloured board, no traces 
> and the labels silkscreened on? I would go for 2 of these if they 
> could serve as a cover for the front panel. How would that fit with 
> existing chasis designs?

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