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Re: [N8VEM-S100:5807] Re: NKK Switches for Mini FP

Jeff, I guess just about anything is possible.

My original plan was to use the FPmini just like the IMSAI design.
A plexie glass panel with a photo mask would be mounted in front of the board.

Considered adding connectors for the switch and LED's so you could run
them to an external location via cable/wires. I had all sorts of ideas but I have
more ideas than time and resources to try them all.

I'm not 100% clear on Matt's suggestion. I'm not seeing it in my minds eye.
I don't see it working with the NKK switches. If he's talking about your typical
mini toggles that go in round holes, that seems doable.

On 12/ 9/14 04:57 PM, Jeff Galinat wrote:
Hi Don (& All)
I too would be interested in a permanent mounting solution for the switches. I do like Matt Turner's idea of using silk-screened PCB material for the front panel drilled for the LEDs & switch mounting. Holes in the corners could then me used to attach the PCB front panel to brackets for stability. This would still leave a option on putting a IMSAI style mask behind acrylic if you wanted to go that route or you could leave it "as-is" for a more bare bones appearance. Do you think this is viable?

On 12/9/2014 5:14 PM, Matthew Turner wrote:
If we go to a pcb house, it seems to me that including the LED's in the design would make sense. Maybe different coloured board, no traces and the labels silkscreened on? I would go for 2 of these if they could serve as a cover for the front panel. How would that fit with existing chasis designs?

Don Caprio