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RE: [N8VEM-S100:692] 6502 S-100 Board Write-up on S100Computers.com

All the KiCAD files for the S-100 boards are on the N8VEM wiki here




The schematic and PCB layout files are on the wiki here.  They are complete AFAIK.




Andrew Lynch


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Andrew, I don't know how the V1 6502 schematic was generated, but:

  1. are there any other files I could see (such as a CAD file) that
     would depict a complete schematic?


  2. if the schematic was generated automatically from your design
     software, is there any way to have it produce a full schematic
     either on a large page or over several pages?

   Having a full schematic just makes life much easier.

Thank you-

Andrew Lynch wrote:

Hi John!  Thanks!  Rich Leary gets the credit for the original S-100 6502 CPU board design.  About a year ago, Rich and I worked together to make a PCB version of his wire wrapped original.  The S-100 6502 CPU board V1 is a slightly modified version of Rich’s design.   Neil helped debug the prototype during his build and test.


A big “Thanks” to Rich and Neil who helped make this dream a reality!  :: snip ::

Andrew Lynch