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RE: [N8VEM-S100:634] S-100 VDP prototype board PCBs are here

I’m wondering who else is testing / building an S-100 VDP board?


I have my board assembled and all the parts in hand with the exception of one part, the 1.2V zener/voltage reference. Nobody in my area stocks the voltage reference listed in the schematic, I’m waiting to get an order above the minimum on Digikey so I can kick off an order.




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I’ve already sent S-100 VDP prototype board PCBs to Dave and Neil for build and test.


However if anyone else would like to participate in the build and test phase please let me know.


This is going to be a fun project and has the potential for somewhat VGA compatibility.


It also lays the foundation for a potential MSX2 compatibility for the S-100 bus.


That’s unprecedented AFAIK.  It could be very interesting!


It is not recommended for new builders though -- this will be “blood and guts” all the way! 


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch