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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3116] Re: GAL's and PALASM

Hi Neil,

Good luck with the VP390.  I’ll be curious to see if you can burn the Atmel AFT22V10 GAL’s and if you have to set the GAL type to National Semiconductor rather than Lattice.

With the changes I described however I have had no problems burning Lattice 22V10’s.


On the software side I’m running into a curious issue.

I would like to use “(“ and “)” brackets  in some of my equations  as PALASM allows that.  However the PALASM4 program always comes up with error X10003

“Please run Minimize (Minimize Boolean)”

However if I set “Y” for “Minimize Boolean” in the Compilation Options,  the compile does not give an error but no .JED file is written.

An example would be:-

mA0       =      (mBE0 + /mBE1 * /mBE2)

                     +  mBE0 * /mBE1 *  mBE2

                     +  mBE0 *  mBE1 *  mBE2


Do you get the same thing?






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I've started down the road to learn more about GALs, FPGAs etc. John's post has pushed me ahead on the project. I use a GQ-4X programmer for all my EPROM and FLASH needs; there isn't any GAL support however.


I ordered a Wellon VP-390 from a company here in the US, I should have it Monday. According to what I've read the VP-390 supports the same devices as the VP-290 John mentioned plus something like 11000 more (it supports > than 19400 devices). I'll post an update on it once I have some time with it.


Sometime ago I bought a 'TOP3000' programmer as it was supposed to support GALs. I never got this programmer to work, I downloaded the latest software only to discover the firmware in it is too old to support the latest software. I did more research on it; I didn't find a single positive review for the TOPWIN line of programmers.



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