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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4804] 8080 board, Firmware and break

Hi Josh!
Thanks for  your work and dedication on this project. Can't wait to get back home and try the new firmware version.

During these weeks I'll try to complete my cage/box for the S100 machine based on your card (and, hopefully, on Don's FPMini). Just yesterday I completed the 8 slot backplane which will be dedicated to this project. But as you can see in the attached pic this machine is still quite naked.

Good luck with the COSMAC ELF exhibition!

Hi Guys,

I have been able to get CP/M 2.2 booting from the SD-Memory card.  Please find the JAIR-Firmware V1.zip file on the wiki page.

It will boot CP/M 2.2 and give the "a>" prompt.  (I thought it would be a capital A, but it's not.)

It does not change to Drive B (haven't tested C or D with any serious investigations).
When trying to change to drive B, CP/M attempts to access Track 0xFF Sector 0, which are not valid.  Track should be between 0 and 76 (77 tracks in all) and Sector# should be between 1 and 26.  I'm not sure how or where it's coded in the drive parameter table.  Perhaps these are the previous values that just haven't been initialized properly?  I will need to go deep into CP/M territory to resolve this issue, but don't want to keep you waiting for some sort of firmware.

Further, I have updated the schematic with the latest changes and updated the Manual with all the ECO changes (see wiki page).
There are 3 ECO's required:
-Jumper for the SD card
-Jumper for the disconnected IC-H7 (8T97) pin 15
-Change RP2 from 4.7K to 47K  (to solve issues with 16550 UART and 82C50 UART).

I must now unplug this project for 5 weeks.  I am exhibiting a COSMAC ELF collection at VCF-MW in Chicago and have only 5 weeks to finish my preparations for this. 

Mr. Jack Rubin, I have your board packed with my RCA STUDIO II, see you at the show!

Mr. Matthew Turner, Thank you again for the loan of your Super ELF.  I will get to work on it in a priority sequence (it's about #7 on my list).

Josh Bensadon

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