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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5321] HDSP 0962 Hex Displays

Definitely worth a try David. The pinout seems to be the same as for the HP5082’s we use in the SMB.   They are not pin for pin compatible with the HTIL311A’s used for example as an alternative in the same board.  Pin one for example in those displays goes to VCC.  Make sure you get  the 0962’s the are other configurations.





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I came across these at http://www.bgmicro.com/hdsp0962-hexadecimal-high-performance-green-by-hp-data-memory-decoder-driver-internal.aspx. From the data sheets, they look like drop in replacements for the HP 5082-7440 used for the SMB and a quite a bit cheaper than most of the TIL-311 I have been able to find at $6 each for 5+. Do anyone have any experience with these?

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