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Re: Trip Report - Met Crusty OMO

Well, this time there's proof - if the file uploaded properly.
Visited Josh Bensadon again yesterday, and picked up my completely fixed Quest Super Elf Computer, with the DRC 16k Eprom board installed and functioning in the S-100 slot. First time in 35 years that the entire thing has worked, and Josh added all the options that I never bought back in 1978.
Now, I need to build a proper case for it, particularly since the metal picture frame I used back in 1984 isn't necessarily the brightest thing to mount a circuit board in!
Thanks again Josh! Really looking forward to your exhibit at World of Commodore Dec. 6th!
Matt Turner
(I'm on the left side of the pic, Josh is on the right, and note the stack beside him!)

On Friday, July 11, 2014 8:56:58 AM UTC-4, Matt wrote:
Managed to drive to Toronto yesterday to meet Josh Bensadon a.k.a. Crusty OMO, and visited his Basement Museum of Early Computing. Somewhat of an eye-opening experience. I knew such collections existed, but I didn't expect to see one on this trip. I recognized most of the pieces from drooling over ads in "Kilobaud" 35 years ago, but it was the first time I'd seen most of the actual units.
Also got to pick up my 8080 boards, and see the prototype, which is a masterpiece of delicate soldering. And I saw one of the assembled prototypes for the mini-FP board. That is going to be a fantastic kit when it goes to production!
Josh, thankyou for an excellent evening! It makes me wonder what sorts of working collections others have managed to assemble.
Matt Turner

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