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A new S-100 6502 CPU Board

For those interested in S-100 Bus systems, Andrew Lynch & I (John Monahan) have just finished constructing a prototype of an S-100 Bus 6502 CPU board.  Unlike our earlier board, this board can act as a bus master or slave.  You can for example boot your system up with a Z80 (or 8086) and transfer control to the 6502 CPU board (and back again) utilizing the same 64K of address space and I/O ports.

Please see here (bottom of page) for more details:-


We are now about to have made a “production board”. Note, these are bare boards and will be ~$20/board. See the above web page for details.

These boards are only for hobbyists and though some help can be provided on forums, you need to have a working knowledge of these systems to get them to work.  

BTW, this will probably be the last of the 8 bit CPU boards we will do for some time. Our focus is now on 16 and 32 bit CPU’s.

To review the growing list of S-100 boards we have done so far please see here (bottom of page):-