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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3766] S-100 Boards Arrived (SMBV2 and Mezzanines/16MB SRAM and Mezzanines/Parallel IO/6502V2/8 Slot Backplane)

Hey Todd!
Near as I can tell, I'm down for:
1 System Support v2             $20
1 HP5082 mezzanine             $10
2 16Mb Ram                             $40
4 mezzanines                            $12
3 Parallel I/O                             $60
2 6502                                         $40
2 Backplanes                             $40
for a total of $222. I'm including $20 for shipping to Canada, as a first estimate. I'm sending the paypal now with my address - I doubt if there's enough room to include this list.
Hope this isn't too much of a mess.
Matt Turner