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S-100 Boards Arrived (SMBV2 and Mezzanines/16MB SRAM and Mezzanines/Parallel IO/6502V2/8 Slot Backplane)

Hi Everyone,

I'm giving details for all the S-100 boards that have arrived since many people have expressed interest in multiple boards.

First, the bad news.  There was an issue with one of the orders and the board house swapped the counts for the 16MB SRAM
board and the Parallel IO board.  So I'm currently short some of the 16MB SRAM boards until they can make more and ship them.

I'll fill orders in the order that people expressed interest to me.  I'll order more boards if the extras I've ordered are spoken for and
people are still interested so the worst case is a delay.

Current inventory, prices, and my contact information is at the PCB Inventory page:

The board details and costs are (hopefully the formatting doesn't get all messed up:)

- S-100 Bus System Support Board V2     $20
    The SMB board takes a display mezzanine board.  There are three different display boards depending on what displays you have.
    These display boards are the same as was used with the first version of the SMB board so you don't need others if you already
    have some from before.  The difference in price is due to the different number ordered based on interest.
    - S-100 Bus System Support Board Display Mezzanine for TIL311      $6.00
    - S-100 Bus System Support Board Display Mezzanine for LED Bars  $10.00
    - S-100 Bus System Support Board Display Mezzanine for HP5082    $10.00

- S-100 16MB SRAM Board    $20
    The 16MB SRAM board takes two small mezzanine boards where the surface mount SRAM is soldered.  Both are required.
    I have a small number of these mezzanines that failed test and I'll include one for free to people who express interest with
    their payment (they are non-functional but maybe someone would like to practice their surface mount soldering with them.)
    The mezzanines are $3.00 each

- S-100 Parallel IO Board        $20

- S-100 6502 V2 Board           $20

- S-100 8 Slot Backplane        $20

Shipping in the US is $5.95 for Priority Mail flat rate padded envelope.  I will put cardboard inside to try to add some additional
protection.  $50 insurance is included.  Additional insurance is available.  Let me know what you want and I'll price it for you.
Since it's flat rate I can ship multiple boards in the same envelope.

For shipping outside of the US, I'll price out Priority Mail International and First Class International based on your order and
let you know the costs.  Let me know if you want insurance for the full value of your boards.

Payment can be made to my email (tsg at bonedaddy.net) via PayPal.  Please ensure you tell me the number and type of
boards you want and if you want insurance to the full value of the boards.  Also please be sure to send your address.  If you want
to make different payment arrangements please email me.

As with the other group orders, these boards are bare PCBs with no components and are being sold "at cost."  There is no
warranty and no build help aside from what you might get from the helpful people on the N8VEM-S100 google groups mailing list.

More Information:
The individual pages on John Coffman's website for each board are:


Finally, I also have S-100 Bus Extender and S-100 Bus Terminator boards on order (expected to ship on May 29th.)  So if you plan
to order any of those boards and want me to wait to ship until those come in then let me know.

Hopefully this provides enough info but feel free to reply on the N8VEM-S100 list or via private email (tsg at bonedaddy.net)

Thank you,