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Re: ZFDC Controller under control of the PC-BIOS??

John and others -

I'm having the same problems as Frank, so will re-open this thread.

My system is a "generic" N8VEM S100 system with
Z80 CPU V2
8088 CPU
4mb SRAM
Propeller Console I/O
Parallel Board
MS-DOS Support V2
Serial I/O

I've now constructed a ZFDC and adjusted the Data Separator.  I'm using a single Teac HF-235 1.44mb 3.5" drive as "A".

I can set the drive type, format the disk, and run the sequential R/W tests without errors.  When I try to boot MS-DOS or FREE-DOS I get the same error (03DH) as Frank is getting.

One thing I've questioning - does the zfdc.hex file on the S100Computer.com site  in the ZFDC-SOURCE-FILES-1.ZIP match the ZFDC.Z80 source?   When I assemble the ZFDC.Z80 source I get a ZFDC.HEX file that doesn't match (and doesn't work).

- Gary

On Friday, July 25, 2014 5:54:16 AM UTC-4, Frank Schieschke wrote:
I have no luck with the floppy utilities from the "X" PC-BIOS (8086 Monitor 10.32).
From the ZFDCDIAG program all is working fine and i can read the real data from the 3,5" MS-DOS floppy.
All other functions like seeking, formatting and R/W tests are all work fine.
But every access to the ZFDC controller from within the PC-BIOS shows only like this:

Booting MS-DOS from 5" Floppy Disk
Initilizing 8259A PIC (Port 20H, Ints 0 & 1 only)
ZFDC Board Initilize OK

Floppy Sector Read Error. Error returned = 3DH

Boot sector read on floppy drive failed.

This 3DH error appears from all floppy related functions.

My configuration at the moment:
Z80 CPU V2 with V5.02 monitor. 6MHz
80286 Master Slave CPU card.  6mhz
V2 MS-DOS Support board with V10.32 monitor in EEPROMs.
4mb SRAM board, 1MB populated
System Monitor Board V2
ZFDC Floppy controller
CompuPro Interfacer1 I/O board wired as an Prop I/O board.
Dual IDE Board with CP/M 3.0 - "Yoda" CPM 3 image incl. Z-rtc.com