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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4921] FPMini Board and Switch Order Update

Great news!
Don, as I live oversea it might be hard for you to estimate the shipping costs. For me, it is also OK to pay in advance for the materials and send you another payment for shipping once you know how much it is. Let me know what you think.


On Aug 14, 2014 4:34 PM, "Don Caprio" <ilv...@gmail.com> wrote:
Good news builders.

I received new quotes for the PCB's and switches based on our updated quantity.

Switch sets are down by about $5 and PCB boards are $12 each
(US manufacture. With 15u gold fingers).
Thats a $500 savings as a group purchase.

1 PCB board and a switch kit is $108 plus shipping. I think the simplest method for shipping
PCB and switches is to use USPS flat rate medium box $12.35 to anywhere is US. The boxes are free.
If you just ordered a PCB I believe the going rate was $3 for one board.

I'll be sending individual emails to folks who have requested PCB's, switches or both with their total.

Here's an accounting of the charges. There is no wiggle room or profit here. If you send an
extra .50 or round to nearest dollar I should be ok.

16 *  3.49   55.84 NKK Switch
 2  *  5.25   10.50 NKK Switch
 3  *  4.64   13.92 NKK Switch
 1  * 12.00  12.00 FPMini PCB
                  92.26  Total
                    7.84  Tax
                    4.00  Vendor Shipping, supplies, misc
              $  12.35 USPS Shipping to you
              $116.35  Total 1 PCB & 1 Switch set

According to the survey some folks are interested in
a component kit as well. I'll start on this and update
group when I have totals.

Thank you.

Don Caprio

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