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Re: ZFDC Controller under control of the PC-BIOS??

Hello Gary,
the PDF ZFDC.Z80 file is the version 2.9.
The contained ZFDC.Z80 in the ZIP file is the version 3.0 from 5/6/2011.
In further versions, John adds some new "MS-DOS" controller commands:
CMD_DOS_RD_MULTI_SEC    EQU 2BH  ;MS-DOS, Read data from multiple sectors starting at the CURRENT sector.
CMD_DOS_WR_MULTI_SEC    EQU 2CH   ;MS-DOS, Write data to multiple sectors starting at the CURRENT sector.
CMD_GET_SIDE  EQU 2DH  ;Get the current selected side of the current selected drive
CMD_DOS_SET_SECTOR EQU 2EH  ;MS-DOS, Set current sector for the next sec R/W

When you call these commands from the 80X86 BIOS/Monitor you get the "3DH" error (CMD_RANGE_ERR    EQU    3DH        ;CMD out or range).
I had asked John for the newest version of the ZFDC.Z80, but he is very busy at the moment.
He promised to send the file, when he has time again.