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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6743] Re: CCS 2810 CPU Rom

Yes, I ran a hacked up version of Cromemco ZM1 a number of years ago.  The major hacks include:

                Duel console drivers (2810 serial and/or my Fulcrum Intelligent Video board)

                Removed code to program 2708 EPROMs on the Cromemco Bytesaver

                Added a boot loader to boot CP/M from disk

In fact, my monitor boot ROM is still a VERY much modified Cromemco ZM1.  But it no longer runs on the 2810.  Instead, it runs on my memory board, but the effect is still the same.  I guess I could move it back to the 2810 if I wanted, but it’s happy on the memory board.


At one time, I was trying to move as much of my CP/M BIOS into ROM, and this would have been a super-enhanced ROM.  But I pretty much gave up on the idea when I built my memory board with battery-backed RAM (CP/M can run from power-on without booting it from disk.)  And then I built the N8VEM CF-IDE board and came to the realization that getting it to work in CP/M 2.2 was going to be difficult.  CP/M 3 would be a much better approach.  So, now I’m working on building a CP/M 3 system, and this is just not conducive to ROMMING much of the code.


Bob Bell



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On Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 1:30:30 PM UTC-7, Jeff Albrecht wrote:

In my drawers I found


TMS2716C - apparently not supported by GQ-4X

AM2716DC - Looks to be supported by GQ-4X as 'AM2716'

AM2732A-2DC - I found a setting for 'AM2732A' I wonder what the 2DC, missing from GQ device id, means?




I programmed the AM2716DC with the GQ setting of 'AM2716'. It didn't pass verify but it looked like it had programmed. I put it in the newly acquired CCS 2810 cpu board, powered up and taped return a couple times. Got the Moss 2.2 signon.


Found a couple 2716A at Futurlec this is a 200ns device http://www.futurlec.com/cgi-bin/search/qty_price.cgi?part_no=2716A-200. Any other suggestions where to buy? I'm often told to stay away from eBay... ???


Bob, have you ever run a different or enhanced capability ROM on your CCS 2810s? 


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