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Re: S-100 8086 CPU board done, ready for manufacturing

> Finally I have to stress that there is always  risk in a project like this
> that some bug crops up in the final board, rendering the board inactive or
> severely handicapped.  If anybody out there is not comfortable with a risk
> like this -- please don't even think of order this board.  These bare boards
> are for experienced hobbyists who can afford to risk a few $'s (and time)
> on a long shot.
> John

Hi!  I would like to re-iterate John's sentiment on the S-100 board
projects.  These have proven to be inherently more complex (S-100/
IEEE-696) than other home brew projects due to board size,
functionality, and part count.  As a result they involve a measure of
risk.  On several occasions I have seriously considered renaming the
"N8VEM home brew computing project" to "Caveat Emptor" to emphasize
this is a *hobby* and there are no assurances or guarantees of any
kind, what so ever. We are all builders and *everyone* shares in the

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch