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Reorder of S-100 8-slot Backplane PCB

I'm now out of these PCBs (after shipping the last one to someone
waiting for it.)

Before I reorder I have three questions:

1)  Is anyone working on updates or a new S-100 backplane?  I don't
want to order a bunch and be stuck with them.

2)  I know Don Caprio had two fixes and one improvement.  I think
things would work out much better if Don or someone else made those
changes and updated the board files.  If nobody else wants to do that
then I'll make the attempt and run the changes past the list.

3)  The last time I ordered the boards I ordered a board thickness of
0.126 inch.  From measurements it seems to have ended up substantially
thicker.  I'm going to be reducing the thickness this time.  If anyone
has input about how thick to order (keeping in mind the finished
thickness seems to be thicker than ordered) then please let me know.

Obviously, if anyone has any other input about the board then please
let me know.

Thank you!