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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4280] Re: A windows based program to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board

Hi Thomas

The will create a disk image without CPMLDR on the boot track.  If you create a dummy file that has 512 E5's in it then put your CPMLDR.COM in the same directory you can do:

mkfs -f s100ide -b dummy.file -b CPMLDR.COM s100ide.dsk and it will create a bootable image for you.  The dummy.file forces it to skip one sector and write CPMLDR.COM at sector 1 which is what you want.  Then you can use cpmcp to copy CPM3.SYS, CCP.COM and any other files you want on the image.  It makes it really simple to create custom images to write to a CF card

BTW where do you have your diskdefs located - if it is in the current directory it should pick it up - not sure how it determines the PATHS on Windows as I don't use Windows.


On Thursday, June 19, 2014 9:01:33 AM UTC-5, Thomas Owen wrote:
Hello David -
I found the problem - I had assembled an old copy of HIDE3.ASM and once that was corrected, I had the A:> prompt.

The system works perfect and boots from MasterZ80 rom as you said.  Directory looks fine and all the files seem to execute properly.

Now, I have set up cpmtools (for the first time) and entered the def for the s100ide drive as outlined by Dave in the file called 'diskdefs'. 

I want to create a new image and I enter:
c:>mkfs.cpm -f s100ide  s100ide.dsk

it always gives me an error and cannot find the diskdefs file...

Now, once I get the image created, I can then use CPMCP to move files to this image, correct?

Need to get familiar with cpmtools....

Thanks again for everything,

On Thursday, June 19, 2014 8:50:56 AM UTC-4, David Fry wrote:



Can you post your CF card image and your  HLDRBIOS.ASM and HIDE3.ASM and I’ll take  look




David Fry


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Hello David and Dave,

Well, here is where I am in the boot process:

assembled a new loader -> placed on sector 1
assembled new sys -> placed on 128 thru 151
used same CCP from prior DFry system  -> placed on 152 thru 158
directory moved from 63 to 64

using the MasterZ80 Rom, when I boot I see everything up through the sign-on message but then no 'A>'.

looks like everything is fine up to the CCP.COM, but there is no other error reported.

Any suggestions?


On Thursday, June 19, 2014 1:41:07 AM UTC-4, David Fry wrote:

Hi Thomas,


you said "When you say 'move everything up by one' are you referring to loader 0 -> 1, sys 127 -> 128, directory 63 -> 64"

Yes, this is what I meant.

No, the AU entry values are the same and don't need changing because they are just a pointer to file location (in clusters of 4 sectors) referenced to the start of the Directory (sector 64)




David Fry

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014 11:59:24 PM UTC+1, Thomas Owen wrote:

Hello David and Dave,
This has really been a very interesting project for me and I appreciate all the help and information you two have provided.
I have looked over the attachment and it seems very straightforward to making the changes I need.

Since I obviously can't wait, I will be working on this tomorrow and have a couple questions:
When you say 'move everything up by one' are you referring to loader 0 -> 1, sys 127 -> 128, directory 63 -> 64?
 What about all the AU designations in the directory?  Will they all shift up by one as well?

Thanks so much,

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