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Status of new S100 Boards.

Just a status update on the new VDP Video Board, ISA to S100 Bus converter board and 16MB S100 static RAM board...

The VDP board (http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/VDP%20Video%20Board/VDP%20Board.htm)
checks out fine. I'm still trying to locate suitable small speakers for the board.

Unfortunately I have run into problems with the ISA to S100 bus converter board
It works fine with our 8088 board but not so for 16 bit writes (8086 board).  I'm a bit baffled since the prototype worked fine. I did a few small changes, clearly one not so small!
May have to do it again!

The 16 MB Static RAM board boards
http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/16M%20RAM%20Board/16MG%20RAM%20Board.htm (bottom of page)
just came in from China (PCBcart).  I have not checked them out yet, but look nice.

That's the good news, the bad news is I am going on vacation and will not be able to do any more work until the beginning of next month. 
Since many/most have ordered multiple boards I will hold everything until all 3 are ready unless somebody wants one immediately.