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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4846] An 8085 S-100 Board

Antony -

Compupro's 8085/8088 board was always a favorite, and except for a single 74S288 32x8 PROM looks pretty straight forward to clone.

I don't suspect many of us can burn bipolar proms, but folks have replaced bipolar proms with GAL's,

    eg http://www.retroclinic.com/leopardcats/galprom/galprom.htm

Personally I'd rather see other vintage CPU's like the 8088, 1802 or 6800/6809  :)

- Gary

On 8/6/2014 7:14 AM, Ants Pants wrote:
Hi Guys,

just wandering if we have an 8085 board? i know most all of us run a Z80 as the basic "workhorse" of a system bootstrap, and now we see the great addition of Josh's 8080 board, has an S-100 8085 board been developed for the community? if not, would anyone be interested in inputting information, wants, needs, desires for such a board?

Kind Regards,
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