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Re: [N8VEM-S100:6760] Re: CCS 2810 CPU Rom

Neil -

The TMS2716 is not the same, it is a three voltage part like the 2708.
See:  http://www.jrok.com/datasheet/TMS2716.pdf

The Texas Instrument equivalent of the other 2716 parts is the TMS2516
See:  http://www.jrok.com/datasheet/TMS2516.pdf

Most 2716's that aren't marked for speed are actually 450ns parts.

The NS27C16 is also a 25v VPP part.

Also several recent programmers that claim to program 2716's seem to use a VPP of 21v rather than 25v and won't program well (or at all) - or can't supply the 30ma required for 25vpp. You could always consider 2816 EEPROM's.

- Gary

On 4/17/2015 12:05 PM, nbreeden wrote:
Do a search on the web for the particular part; most earlier 2716s program with VPP=25V 50ms.

I'm pretty sure a TMS2716 will program with the same settings as the NSC2716.

You will see later 2716's that programmed at VPP=21V, and later ones that programmed at VPP=12V; in my experience the VPP=12V ones have an indication on the package like 'VPP=12'

You also need to be concerned with speed; a 400ns part such as the early Intel 2716 were 400ns and didn't have a speed indicated in the markings. -35 tends to be 350ns, -20 200ns etc.

There are also CMOS variants of EPROMs am NS2716 is an NMOS part; the NS27C16 is the CMOS equivalent; be careful if you go looking for datasheets as there can be programming differences between.

I have a ton of TMS2716s, NS2716s, STG, Intel etc. Overall they are all pretty interchangeable for programming.