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RE: [N8VEM-S100:647] Re: updated S-100 waiting list

Actually having two boards  has its advantages particularly for critical
boards. I have two S-100 systems here. One (pictured on web etc.) is my main
22 slot system. I also have a smaller 10 slot system which I use when doing
prototype boards etc.   I don't know how many times having a second
functional board saved my hide.  If a whole system is down just flipping in
and out a few identical boards quickly gets to the bottom of things. Then I
usually mark each IC on the faulty board with a little 'white-out' (people
who never used typewriters probably don't know what this is!). and proceed
to flip chips. The latter trick is essential as its real easy to get
good/bad board chips mixed up.  Believe me I've learned this the hard way
with two non-functional boards.  The catch here is obviously more chips, and
you must have board boards identical and functional.  When done the
white-out is easy to scrap off.

As you probably see I always order 3 boards from Andrew. The reason for the
third board is to follow traces on the board if there are board issues. Once
sockets are added it's almost impossible.   Clearly not for everybody but a
lifesaver in prototyping.


John Monahan Ph.D

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My opinion, I could afford to pay more. That being said, I'd just order 2
boards instead of one. That keeps the price low for those who are on a
tighter budget. There are some boards that I would only want one of, but
having multiples of other ones would be desirable.

     I'd be glad to take 2 of ZFDC and 2 z80 CPU boards. 

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> Hi Guys, I mentioned this before, but perhaps a way around this 
> waiting for a batch issue is to charge more for each S-100 board.  I 
> appreciate $20/board may be an issue for some, but if it was $30, or 
> $40 that would get the trigger number down. Andrew you could hold on 
> to the "float" and have less work doing each batch overhead/paperwork etc.
> To state the obvious, of the total cost of a board the components are 
> typically going to be much more.
> Just an idea, what do you all think?
> John
> John Monahan Ph.D
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> Hi Kipp!  Thanks!  Normally the minimum economic amount for a PCB 
> order or reorder is 20 boards.
> With that many "firm" I can order boards and not quite break even.  
> However normally once boards are available other builders jump in late 
> and get some of the remainders.
> Also I can extend the group buy of boards on eBay although I dislike 
> that option.
> My plan for PCB reorders is to start with the S-100 backplane and 
> S-100 Z80 CPU boards.
> Then work down the list in the order of quantity.  The process is 
> rather ad hoc though.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch
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>> Andrew,
>>  What is the number of boards necessary to trigger an order? I see we
> have
>> 15 Z80 cpu's and 12 ZFDC boards desired on the list. I'd really like 
>> to
> get these
>> boards, antsy I know....
>> Kipp