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RE: [N8VEM-S100:645] Re: updated S-100 waiting list

Hi Guys, I mentioned this before, but perhaps a way around this waiting for
a batch issue is to charge more for each S-100 board.  I appreciate
$20/board may be an issue for some, but if it was $30, or $40 that would get
the trigger number down. Andrew you could hold on to the "float" and have
less work doing each batch overhead/paperwork etc.

To state the obvious, of the total cost of a board the components are
typically going to be much more.

Just an idea, what do you all think?

John Monahan Ph.D

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Hi Kipp!  Thanks!  Normally the minimum economic amount for a PCB order or
reorder is 20 boards.  

With that many "firm" I can order boards and not quite break even.  

However normally once boards are available other builders jump in late and
get some of the remainders.

Also I can extend the group buy of boards on eBay although I dislike that

My plan for PCB reorders is to start with the S-100 backplane and S-100 Z80
CPU boards.

Then work down the list in the order of quantity.  The process is rather ad
hoc though.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Andrew,
>   What is the number of boards necessary to trigger an order? I see we
> 15 Z80 cpu's and 12 ZFDC boards desired on the list. I'd really like 
> to
get these
> boards, antsy I know....
> Kipp