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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3471] ALTAIR/IMSAI 8080 CPU replacement board

Hmmm, I can't offer advice but I'd like to know if you plan to ever do a production run of this once it works.
Maybe it's a bit early to ask, but I do like the idea (and have a few spare 8080 around :-D

Oh, and that 8080 is lovable BTW!

On 03/05/14 16:05, Crusty OMO wrote:
Hi Group,

Well, now that these "Sea of PTH" buffered prototype boards are built, my first project on one of them is the 8080A CPU replacement board I started talking about back in November. 

I have the prototype built (for the most part).  I plugged it in, but it's not working... yet.
But at least I'm at the trouble shooting stage.
Photo's below.

Josh Bensadon


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