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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4540] Re: BASIC in ROM - Any Interest?


  My implementation works great with the I/O board. I just need to get it posted to the file site; I'll post it today.


After reviewing a lot of BASIC source code this is the source I started with; I spoke with Joel and he had no issue with me using it. 

I've made a fair amount of changes to it; I've added 'drivers' for various N8VEM boards, it can be compiled to start at 0x0000 or 0xE000 (it can be moved easily with a few edits to the source), I fixed a couple of bugs and added a few commands of my own. I've been using it for months; I need to get it uploaded to the file site however other stuff keeps becoming higher priority.

On Sunday, July 13, 2014 3:35:09 PM UTC-7, James Cobb wrote:

If you haven’t already you should check out Joel Owens Space-Time Z80 site.  He has modified NASCOM basic to run on his Z80 system.






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Hi Neil,

I just started searching for Basic interperter sources that I could modify to make it run with serial IO board - I just got my system running and would like to run Basic on it. At the moment, I do not plan to burn an EPROM yet but rather load it with XMODEM using John's monitor. But that would be nice for sure at a later stage - need to figure out the modifications to be done on my Ithaca CPU board.

As this thread mentions, you were considering sharing your work with the group, I'm interested indeed if you still plan to do so. Otherwise I will start digging into the Nascom code, seems like this is the best Z80 Basic source code available .

thanks !


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