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RE: [N8VEM-S100:7118] S100 extender board

Any of those values are fine Jeff for these low ampage applications.   If you are going to be doing and serious S100 board construction etc., you should stock up on basic components getting them in the 10’s or 100’s.  IC sockets, 0.1uF caps, 1K, 4.7K, 470 resistors and 6 & 10 pin arrays to name just a few.


They are not expensive and much cheaper in bulk





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Question about the capacitors for the 7805 on the S-100 extender board.


Might I substitute a couple 1uF Electrolytic capacitors for C1 and C3 as I have them available on-hand to me in my shop.

I see the values 0.33uF and 0.1uF called for on the extender board schematic, just as a typical circuit in the 7805 datasheet indicates. I see such a wide variety of values in schematics out in the DIY world.


Must they be polarized? I've got some 50v ceramics on-hand of those values.



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