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Re: Another route to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board


I would discourage doing this - I hope to have 4 images up this weekend that will solve the problem.  The ones John has have the holes in the filesystem which we have eliminated and having both flavors out there is going to cause a lot of confusion.  I plan to publish as a starter the following 4 images.  Banked with serial, Banked with prop console, Non-Banked with serial and Non-Banked with prop console.  These images will support an A and B IDE drive and will have the standard binaries found in CPM3 plus maybe some other goodies.  These images can be copied to a CF with win image as you suggest or dd if you use Linux or Mac.   This will allow people to get running very quickly.  I will follow this up with sources and general instruction on how to build, modify the images and source to add new drivers, etc.  I need to do some cleanup of the sources and procedures for building and modifying things - that is going to take me a week or so because I want to do testing of the code.  The four images I put up will have booted on my machine (I hope - I have booted the serial ones but need to finish off getting my prop console up tonight so I can test the others).


On Friday, June 20, 2014 9:28:59 AM UTC-5, Gary Kaufman wrote:
At least a temporary solution:

I placed an image of the compact flash that John kindly provided on my
website at:


Inside the .zip is a single file CPM3_0.vhd

This can be written to a 4gb Compact Flash using winimage from

It is originally from a Kingston 4gb card, but I was also able to write
it to two other 4gb cards successfully.

The 4gb Kingston cards that worked properly here (and for John) have a
white flower on the front, see ebay 291133013316 (newegg) or
371050627513 (adorama) about $9 each

Winimage runs under windows7 but needs to run as administrator.  My
usb--> compact flash is F:

under Disk, choose "use disk F:"
then Disk, "Restore Virtual Hard Drive image on physical drive"

 From John's notes to me:

"I have CPM3 (banked 128K) on each of the other two CF cards, in user
group 0. In user group 1 are CPM86 files in case you need them later.
Note there are a number of SYS files in user group 0 for CPM3 & CPM86.
They will not be visible with DIR or DD. I assume my know how to handle
SYS files. "

I hope this provides a way for a few of you to get up and running easily.

It's wonderful to see that A> prompt!

- Gary