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RE: [N8VEM-S100:332] Re: Disk Images

Thanks Leon!  I appreciate your help!

Have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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> Subject: [N8VEM-S100:332] Re: Disk Images
> I now have my S-100 system up and running.
> I have put an image disk in the Builders Journals under my name for
> anyone who wants a copy.
> Below is the Readme.
> N8VEM S-100 CMP3 Non-Banked 8" or 3.5" Disk Image: C3NBZFDC.IMD
> This disk image may be useful for people without access to a
> running CP/M system, wanting to bootstrap their N8VEM-S100 system
> for the first time. The minimum system is 64k RAM, Z80 CPU, ZFDC,
> and Propeller Console I/O. I recommend using the serial I/O board
> with the USB module, as well to make it easy to do transfers after
> you have the CP/M system up and running. The IDE board also is a
> "must have" especially when used with compact flash cards.(A big
> Thank You goes to Andrew Lynch and John Monahan for making all this
> possible)