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Disk Images

I was wondering if someone could make some system disk images of a
CMP3 system using N8VEM S-100 boards and put them up on the N8VEM web
site? Imd format using Dave Dunfields ImageDisk program would probably
be the best way to go. I guess an 8" or 3.25" image would be the most
I know there are lots of ways to configure a system but if we stick to
John's standard I/O port configuation things should work. Otherwise
just post your configiuration as well.
This could be an easy way to bootstap a system if people don't have
access to a running CP/M system already.
I've just asked John Monahan if he could do this but he is too busy
with 8086 boards and CP/M86 at the moment to help out at the moment.