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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2958] Re: Mini Buffered Prototype board (Sea of PTH)

Hi guys,

Everyone is paid in full - Thank you.

I intend to ship the USPS boards on April 4, but I might do them on the 3rd.
Does anyone know if USPS is open on Saturdays?

PS. I did more experiments with a 12V SLA battery and some load resistors.
The fusible trace was able to withstand a current of 8.5Amps (using a 2 and 3 ohm resistor in parallel).
The trace did glow and blow at 10.5Amps (using a 1 ohm resistor).
Using no resistor at all (only the resistance of my meter leads and the battery's internal resistance), caused the (+16V) trace to pop in about 50mS.

In any case, the rest of the trace and gold plated finger did not get damaged.

I had no idea a 10mil trace could take such punishment.  It's a 1oz copper board with tin plating.  I don't know how thick the tin plating is, 1 or 2 mil at most I guess.

Josh Bensadon

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