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7805 Package choices

Hey brains I have a question.

I'm designing a 5V circuit. Considering the 78L05 (TO-92) and 7805 (TO-220).
The L05 is rated at 100ma while the 05 comes in 1a and 1.5 versions.

Is there anything in between? 100ma is not quite enough while the 7805 is overkill.
Space is a concern so I like the TO-92 package.

If I'm reading the datasheet right for a 7 segment display it draws 25-30ma for each segment? Thats a current draw of 250ma if all segments are lit. Therefore I may have to use the 7805/C or change my design to use dual state LED (17-22ma) instead of the 7 segment LED.

Don Caprio