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finished case with SMB installed

Hi folks,
I just wanted to share with you some pictures of my case now completed with SMB V2 integrated in the front panel. Below a recap of the parts I used, for those who are interested : 
- modushop slim case 4U
- 8.5V switching power supply from mouser (I did not integrate +/-16 V rails)
- only the TIL311 are mouted on the SMB mezzanine, the switches and LEDs are mouned on 2 separate radio shack proto boards
- the front panel is a aluminium board, sanded to give it an brushed look, with a  satin varnish. I added a plexi panel on top of it to protect it and later on to apply decals for the butttons and LEDs legends
- I sanded the top of the LEDs to get a flat top and integrate them in the aluminium panel and prevent me from drilling holes in the plexi for them. 

many thanks for your invaluable comments and suggestions, reading this group and reviewing the builders photos in the wiki have been extremely helpful !

Now, I need to work on the back panel. I think I will actually mount the connectors on a small board fitted on the back panel in order to simplify the future extensions.
Also, I bought a AC 220V fan but I realize it is quite noisy, so I will have o find a way to reduce its speed. I'm sure if I should have rather select a DC fan to make things easier.