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Re: Fw: S-100 board availability

Hi Marshell,
welcome on board.   The original S100 80386 master/slave CPU board is long since gone. While another run could be probably done The min. order from PCBCart is 4 boards. When you add up shipping etc. they start to become expensive.

Since then,  I have been focused on doing an equivalent 80486 board.  This is essentially the same as the 809386 excerpt it is 2X faster (per MHz) and has an onboard Math chip. While the software is the same the hardware unfortunately is subtly different. It does however allow for 8, 16 or 32 bit data addressing. Which (in theory) would even allow old pre IEEE S100 board to be used.  This is by far the most complex S100 board I have done. It even has its own onboard ROM chip.   It requires 5 GAL's however.  As a prototype stepping stone I made a GAL (4) based 80386 board starting with the 80386 you mentioned below.  However I currently don't intend to bring that one to a "production board" stage.   Its just to help me get a working GAL based 80486 going.

I think I have one or two 80386 RAM board left. While they should work with the future 80486, I'm seriously thinking of modifying the "S100 overhead bus" to include parity.  This would be for future 1 - 4GB DRAM boards.

Where things are now....  I'm on my 3rd 80486 prototype.  It will definitely be at least 2 months or more before I will be announcing a final board run.

I  don't know your experience/background, but please be aware that these types of board are fairly complex and while I give step by step build instructions I cannot do any handholding etc.  The above board, to give you and idea, has over 1000 vias on the board.

Finally if you have nor done so yet please look at info here
to see what I and the rest of this hobby group do.


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I'd like to purchase:

- one of the 80386 Master/Slave S-100 boards,
- one of the 8 MB daughter static memory boards, and
- one of the 8-slot S-100 motherboards.

What is the availability of these boards?

Thanks for your time,
Marshall Jose