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Re: [N8VEM-S100:321] S-100 community project

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Yeah, I think you're right on point there Douglas. Personally I would
not be too keen to get too involved in the logistics. I'm a little
stretched both financially and time-wise while I attempt to juggle a
number of projects both short and long term, so the less I can take on,
the better, as far as I'm concerned.

However I can sponsor the development of the odd board here and there.
For starters, I'll be sponsoring the initial rounds of the 68K MMU +
SHIM board (I just had to restart the routing by the way - routing
locked up on me -- grrrr!).

If there's enough interest in the SPI board, I suppose I could sponsor
that one following the MMU. Would be good to get some of the community
members on-board on that one, it's kind of a multi-board sort of
arrangement. Maybe if we could get several of the most desired
mini-boards onto one panel it might help control the costs a bit.

If Andrew would like to "brand" any of the designs coming from this
direction, for distribution under the N8VEM umbrella, as far as I'm
concerned, that would be more wonderful. I would be just as happy to not
have to deal with that end of it.

Anyway, just thought I attempt to clarify my position.

Kind Regards,

Mike Sharkey

On 11-06-19 08:35 PM, Douglas Goodall wrote:
> I think these "Community Projects" will come in different forms. Mike is an example of
> someone that can provide files necessary for board production, and some newbies
> like myself are quite a ways from that point today.
> I think it might be good for Andrew to keep a hand on the process, and help out where
> needed, when he has time... He can let us know what he needs to make things work
> more smoothly. Some boards he probably feels strongly enough about adding to the
> N8VEM collection, and he has been willing to finance the initial phases.
> He gets back some of his initial costs over time when he sells the boards. If we expect him
> to pay the upfront costs, it is only reasonable he gets to sell the boards.
> If he is not going to manufacture and sell the boards, it is folly to expect him to finance
> the initial development. I think that needs to be clear when we are talking about a new
> project, whether we expect Andrew to order and stock the boards.
> If one of us wants to do a similar thing like Andrew, sponsoring the development of a
> board, and doing what it takes to make boards available to the community, that would be 
> nice, and would expand the scope of what we can do. Andrew can mentor us in how this 
> is done.

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