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Re: [N8VEM-S100:106] Boards for Sale

I would be interested in either of these 2 boards. I have 2 eight inch drives that need a controller and I would like to play with a VDU instead of my terminal.
Thanks for not pitching them.
c. Objective Design VDU. This board shows what I thought was bad stuff
(corrosion) but the more I look at it I think it is transferred
adhesive (e.g., duct tape adhesive). It is not on the board or IC
leads just on the top of a few ICs. I did not initially find the
manual but I think I have it. Early on in my S-100 experience this was
my console output with input coming from a SWTPC keyboard into a
parallel port.

d. Tarbell 1011A SD FDC (1771) with 8 inch drive connector. I can
provide a copy of the manual and eight inch disk with BIOS etc.

Rich Leary