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RE: [N8VEM-S100:6465] Visual Studio (or other IDEs) and .asm

I’m afraid I just the Visual Studio and an editor Jeffa.  Very nice for that BTW




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Subject: [N8VEM-S100:6465] Visual Studio (or other IDEs) and .asm


I've been looking over Josh's source code for the boot loader and Bios on his 8080 replacement card, thinking about adding an additional routine to the monitor. 


As I browse the source I've really wanted a couple features that I often use in Visual Studio (VS) and other IDEs like Eclipse or Netbeans. That is to jump to the definition of a call or variable name or  to see all references to a call or variable. Yes those can be found with a ^V search in many editors but the F12 jump to definition of VS is sure handy.


I see here on this page by John Monahan that he uses Visual Studio. John do you use any plugins for VS for added functionality or is it just a plain VS ide editor for .asm? Although I have color highlighting in .asm on Notepad++ I don't when loading .asm as a file in visual studio. What type of file association do you define for .asm? 


Anyone ever checked out this .vsix I found on Github? YuriyGuts/intel-8080-asm


Are there any cp/m utilities to make cross references of source code? Maybe a switch to adm, Tasm or mac to force a summary? 


see ya... - jeffa

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