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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2120] Going back in time - The Cromemco Dazzler Board

This *could* be someone's lucky day.  I have a Cromemco Dazzler kit that I might sell.  It was never built.  As far as I know, all the parts are included (mostly 74 TTL with a few 74LS) -- chips, caps., resistors, v regs., heat sinks, etc. etc.  Both S-100 cards are there (yes, *both* -- it was a 2 board design with an "interconnect cable"), and all the sockets for the chips.  Included is the instruction manual -- containing technical info., troubleshooting guide, schematic and foil diagrams, and assembly instructions.  It is in mint condition, but I have no idea if it will work, of course, because it is a kit (never assembled).  Cromemco stuff (IMHO) was always very high quality.  It used to be "the Cadillac" of S-100 gear.

So, if you want this thing, let me know.  I won't take low-ball offers.  I was fairly expensive when I bought it, and if I can't get a decent price for it, I'll just hang onto it (although I'm pretty sure that I'll never build it).  It is rare to find a Dazzler, and I'll bet that this is the only un-made one, in new condition with the original packaging, in the world.