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Possible test or proto PCB enhancment

Thinking out loud...

I'm trying to repair an original Imsai front panel. I put a bare buffered proto board in a Bob Mullen TB-1 extender board which has a built in logic probe. Makes it fairly easy to get to buss pins to check level. 

I'm thinking it would sure be nice to hook up my logic analyzer, I have an original Saleae Logic 8 and a Digilent Analog Discovery. The thought of hooking up the eight or sixteen lines would take some time, be prone to error and possibly shorts. And then I'd have to remove them all once testing is done.I'd probably remove them and then remember one more test...

How about adding some pin headers to one of these boards to allow a pre made data cable to directly connect these, and possibly other, common logic analyzers directly to the boards? 

Possibly with a three pin berg header that could be jumped for address pins or other common S-100 signals used in trouble shooting.

 - jeffa