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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4276] Re: A windows based program to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board


Which link at the bottom - I think I tried the most current HMAKECPM ABCD Banked but I did not see it - I will look again - but if you can tell me which link then it would be easier.


On Thursday, June 19, 2014 11:36:00 AM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Hi Dave, I think I now have the dual IDE drive support updated.  I have it in two places ate the bottom of each page:-



and here:-



If you notice any other errors please let me know






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Hi John


Status update and a couple of questions.  I have both banked and non banked working with s100 serial I/O card and IDE.  I will finish my prop console this weekend so I can test that version.    I noticed that none of the source files you have support both ports of the IDE.  I think that would be useful to people so I will look at adding the second drive - does not look too hard to do.  I am a little reluctant to build images that support floppy as there probably not as many people that have the ZFDC board running (I don't) and it will hang if it doesn't find one.  I will have writeup on how to extend making other types of images.  Basically if you drop in a cpmldr.com and a CPM3.sys into the directory and run a bat file it will make an image for you.  So for the adventurous that should be a reasonable solution.   Any comments?



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