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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2752] To put together a system...

Hi John,

Thank you for the reply (and to all of the other folks that replied as well). For now, the only boards that I will be using are those from this group. Later on, when I have a running machine, I might try to find a special purpose sound synthesizer board, but not now. Only the boards that you and Andrew cook up. That way, I feel that there is a minimized chance of incompatibility.

I have been reading your site for quite awhile and find it most interesting. I have been especially interested in your card cage design, and will probably copy that for myself.

I keep meticulous notes and a log of my construction, so that I can backtrack and check anything that comes up. Electronic construction is my hobby, and have been doing things like this for years. Someday, I hope to have a large S-100 system up and running to prove to folks that I know that interesting projects can be done on other things besides PCs and Macs...

Between building Sergey's Xi 8088 and this S-100 project, I have been having a blast!

Thanks again for the information. I do try to keep any need for hand holding to a minimum :-)

Best to all,

Joe Herdler



On Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:58:27 PM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Hi Joe, unfortunately there is not a simple answer to some of your questions.  You need to read the S100Computers and N8VEM  sites for each of the boards carefully to determine your needs.   If you are using other boards make sure there are no port address conflicts s etc.


See for example:-



If you read carefully you will see the Z80-V2 is a master/slave board and can work with the 8088,8086,80286 etc. boards which themselves can be master /slaves.

So yes.  If you are new at this kind of hardware you might want to step things along and start with the 8088 board.  Probably will have to put a new group purchase together however because these boards go fast. Likewise for the others you mention below.

That said,  there are many old S100 boards listed on eBay of varying states. Some of these could get you started.





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Hi All,


Just to let the group know, I have almost completed the Z-80 V2 board, and my two serial boards came today safe and sound. (Thank you Ed...) I am awaiting the backplane board, and will purchase the DOS support board next week. I have also expressed interest to be in on the large order (not the pre-order small purchase) for the 16 Meg memory board.


So here is my question. What other boards do I need to obtain to get a working S-100 computer up and running? I eventually would like to get an 8086 board as well as a 286 board going. Can I use the Z-80 V2 on the same bus as the 8086?


I am assuming that I will need a floppy disk controller, a hard drive interface, I would like a parallel port board for an older Centronics line printer, and a sound effects board if one is available.


I will also need to find a card cage (or plans to make one) and I would really like to find a front panel interface so that I can have all of those uber neat switches and lights even though that is more for show than go.


Any way, I am very happy with this project, and am very glad that this group exists.


If only there was an active group of hobbyists interested in the Intel Multibus computers!



Joe Herdler

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