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To put together a system...

Hi All,

Just to let the group know, I have almost completed the Z-80 V2 board, and my two serial boards came today safe and sound. (Thank you Ed...) I am awaiting the backplane board, and will purchase the DOS support board next week. I have also expressed interest to be in on the large order (not the pre-order small purchase) for the 16 Meg memory board.

So here is my question. What other boards do I need to obtain to get a working S-100 computer up and running? I eventually would like to get an 8086 board as well as a 286 board going. Can I use the Z-80 V2 on the same bus as the 8086?

I am assuming that I will need a floppy disk controller, a hard drive interface, I would like a parallel port board for an older Centronics line printer, and a sound effects board if one is available.

I will also need to find a card cage (or plans to make one) and I would really like to find a front panel interface so that I can have all of those uber neat switches and lights even though that is more for show than go.

Any way, I am very happy with this project, and am very glad that this group exists.

If only there was an active group of hobbyists interested in the Intel Multibus computers!


Joe Herdler