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RE: [N8VEM-S100:5862] Anyone have a working ZFDC with CPM3 and a 1.44MB drive?

Sorry I misread CompuPro as Cromemco.   The IDE board has a jumper (k5) to  force 8 bit addressing for I/O ports




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>>  Note that Cromemco ZPUZ does not support 16 bit port addressing (or > 64K RAM) , be
>>  sure all your boards have 8 bit only Ports.

Hmmm .... the CompuPro CPUZ card that Thomas is using does support extended addressing via the S-100 bus A16 --- A23 lines.  The documentation *claims* that up to 16 MBs can be accessed via bank select, although I've never tried it, nor do I know if it works.  The extended address signals are driven via I/O port address 0FDh, I think.

I know this because I'm using a similar configuration as Thomas, and am having trouble not with a ZFDC (haven't gotten that far yet!), but with the dual IDE card.  Problem to be described in a follow-up post.




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