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Looking for MSX2 expertise



As you may already know, at the N8VEM project we are working on an S-100 VDP.   This board has a V9939 video display processor and a AY-3-8910 sound generator which should allow us to have some MSX2 compatibility when combined with a backplane, S-100 Z80 CPU board, and a memory board.


There are more IO and memory features necessary for full MSX2 compatibility required though.  I am considering a designing a board to provide the balance of MSX2 functions so that the combination of an S-100 backplane, S-100 Z80 CPU, and S-100 VDP.


I envision such a board to be composed of SRAM memory, a couple of 8255 PPIs, a card slot plus whatever extra IO and memory we need.   If anyone has detailed MSX2 experience and would like to help out on designing an S-100 MSX2 compatibility board to complement the S-100 VDP please contact me.


S-100 and MSX seem like a neat combination but no one has tried it AFAIK.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch