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What Compiler / Assembler are you using for Z80 program development?

Hi Guys,

so.. after allot of downloading compilers and programs that will (if im lucky) spit me out a .hex of .bin and allot of chasing my own tail, ive decided to ask all of YOU what you use to develop Z80 code, i know of the Altair simulator and accompanying cpm3 environment with z80asm (as explained on Johns s100computers site) but it seems that the N8VEM code is written to a different syntax (which makes porting parts of code tedious).. what compiler is sued for the N8VEM? what compiler is most user friendly, i myself work on a Windows7 machine so finding something that will run on that platform and that i dont have to spend allot of time transferring source between programs and even different systems to get to a final image i can program to a rom device is a big factor for me.. what is the CURRENT consensus on good solution to the time-old problem of finding a suitable compiler.