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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1905] What Compiler / Assembler are you using for Z80 program development?

First let me say these things tend to be determined by personal preferences.  


There are two main “schools” for Z80 coding. Intel and Zilog.  I actually prefer the Zilog format it is more consistent and easier to figure out. However Microsoft and Digital Research went with the 8080/Intel formats.


For Zilog I tried many over the years. I now use all the time the SLR Z80 Assembler. You can download it from a link here.




For the Intel style I use the Digital Research MAC assembler.  It’s a real pain having to remember the Z80 unique macros. Have to look each one up each time when I need them!  But if you are doing any kind of BIOS you almost have to use it.


As I describe on the web site, for me the quickest/easiest way to do things is to use Visual C as the editor,  Assemble in the Altair simulator (a batch file copies the code across, assembles, and puts the result back in your windows folder -- all almost instantly).   You then transfer the resulting hex, com, whatever code,  over to your S-100 machine. See here for more info:-




BTW, on the latter, for MSDOS/8086 programs built into the latest versions of our 8086 monitor is a command to suck code up directly from the PC and place it anywhere in the 1MG address space.  Unfortunately not enough room in the Master.Z80 monitor for this.






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Hi Guys,


so.. after allot of downloading compilers and programs that will (if im lucky) spit me out a .hex of .bin and allot of chasing my own tail, ive decided to ask all of YOU what you use to develop Z80 code, i know of the Altair simulator and accompanying cpm3 environment with z80asm (as explained on Johns s100computers site) but it seems that the N8VEM code is written to a different syntax (which makes porting parts of code tedious).. what compiler is sued for the N8VEM? what compiler is most user friendly, i myself work on a Windows7 machine so finding something that will run on that platform and that i dont have to spend allot of time transferring source between programs and even different systems to get to a final image i can program to a rom device is a big factor for me.. what is the CURRENT consensus on good solution to the time-old problem of finding a suitable compiler.




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